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 Z1602 A Path To Better Breathing@work - Electronic Vers

A Path To Better Breathing@work is an easy to follow, self-directed training program with built in measures for those who are serious about learning and/or teaching the skill of deep diaphragmatic breathing.

The ebooklet is provided in an on-line course format. You simply login to the program from our website. The written material is in flip-book format and can easily be read online. But you will also receive a pdf version of the ebooklet for download immediately upon finalizing your purchase of the program.

Note: We use the security of Paypal to process your payments. You can use your own credit card or your PayPal account if you have one. Payments are processed under the company name Biobehavioural Resources Centre Inc.

When you complete your payment at PayPal, click on the "Return to Biobehavioural Resources Centre Inc. and you will get your immediate download link to the pdf version of the program ebooklet.

You will also get an email with your receipt that will also include the link to your download.

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