Intentional Relaxation (includes 4 audio training tracks)

Intentional Relaxation (includes 4 audio training tracks)

The Intentional Relaxation program is intended to teach you the intentional skill of relaxing.

The program consists of a 20 page ebooklet that explains what Intentional Relaxation means and describes the process of attaining this skill using the included 4 audio training tracks.

Learn the 4 obstacles that stop you from learning this skill.
Learn how to access the peak performance power of the real skill of intentional relaxation!

Begin to use intentional relaxing as a performance tool.

Increase your energy, focus, clarity and control.
Product Code: Z1607
Status: Immediate download of the course ebooklet. Email delivery of the on-line course access code (username, password & login instructions) within 2 to 24 hrs.

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