A Path To Better Breathing@work - Electronic Vers

A Path To Better Breathing<sup>@work</sup> - Electronic Vers

'A Path To Better Breathing@work' is a program designed to teach you how to do deep diaphragmatic breathing and how to apply it to the stresses and strains of daily living with a focus on work. Deep diaphragmatic breathing, with the proper mechanics, results in respiration rates of 8 breaths per minute (bpm) or slower. This type of breathing for periods of up to five minutes activates the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) resulting in a very calming effect.

The specific objectives of this program are for you to learn how to:

Do proper deep diaphragmatic breathing for up to 5 minutes at a rate of 8 breathes per minute or slower to produce a calming effect on your system.

Improve your regular breathing. You cannot do deep diaphragmatic breathing all of the time. Deep diaphragmatic breathing will always be a conscious activity. However, frequent deep diaphragmatic breathing practice will likely improve your regular breathing, when you're not thinking about it. In other words, regular breathing will likely become more diaphragmatic (although not deep diaphragmatic). As a result, your breathing may become more efficient and your system will be generally more relaxed.

Be able to do deep diaphragmatic breathing easily and comfortable in stressful situations. This means that you will have a powerful relaxation tool that can put the brakes on the system in situations where you are becoming too anxious and/or stressed.
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Status: Immediate download of the course ebook. Email delivery of the on-line flip book access code (username, password & login instructions) within 2 to 24 hrs.

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