“Relaxation By The Numbers” Trainer’s Certificate Course

“Relaxation By The Numbers”  Trainer’s Certificate Course

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This 6-hour course is designed to instruct health professionals, executive coaches, and performing arts coaches , in the use of the “Relaxation By The Numbers” program with their clients.

“Relaxation By The Numbers” is a no-nonsense, step-by-step approach to learning the skill of relaxing. Every effort has been made to simplify a set of complex concepts that are relevant to the topic of learning the skill of relaxation, such that most readers can easily understand them. At the same time, every effort has been made to utilize only concepts for which there is a scientific literature.

”Relaxation By The Numbers” is a data-based learning program. Progress is monitored using a variety of measures, including hand skin temperature measured with a digital thermometer. While the concept of measurement in relaxation training may seem somewhat foreign, these measures are important for tracking progress and for guiding the learning process. So the ‘Relaxation By The Numbers’ kit provides all the necessary learning materials and measurement devices. The program includes a training emanual, 6 mp3 audio training tracks, a digital thermometer for tracking progress, behavioural cue materials and a progress record ebooklet.

“Relaxation By The Numbers” is actually designed to be a self-directed training program such that most people could purchase the kit and learn the skill of relaxation on their own. Having said this, we all know that people tend to learn more reliably when they can combine a good program and excellent teaching materials, with a knowledgeable coach/trainer who can assist them through the process. For the “Relaxation By The Numbers” program, a coach/trainer can assist their clients by:

1. Helping them to maintain their motivation to complete the program.
2. Providing them with feedback on the data they are collecting.
3. Making projections for them on rate of progress based on the first few weeks of data.
4. Identifying problems or issues with their training and helping them resolve these issues.
5. Responding proactively to anticipated problems or issues.
6. Helping them apply their newly developing relaxation skills to their particular needs such as:
a. Stress management.
b. Anxiety management.
c. Pain Management.
d. Stage performance.
e. Sports performance.
f. Executive performance.

The course is designed to be interactive and discussion is encouraged. Specific case examples are used to illustrate procedures and issues, and participants are welcome to raise specific questions or issues from their own practices/businesses.

Six months of post-course email support is also provided. Participants who are subsequently using the “Relaxation By The Numbers” program with their clients can contact the course leader by email with questions and issues that may arise. The course leader will respond in a timely fashion with answers, suggestions and/or solutions.

Note: The course price includes a copy of the Relaxation By The Numbers (RBTN) kit - electronic version

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